Video-On-Demand (VOD)

Is it really free?

Yes! It is really free! It is free because of the wonderful people who support Inspiration Ministries. Those who partner with our ministry through their financial gifts care about seeing others succeed in their walk with Christ. Because of their generous support, we are able to provide access to our library of Christian ministry programs at no charge! At some point in the future, we may offer viewers the opportunity to purchase additional premium content for a small fee.

My Internet is not very good – can I still watch?

We understand that many people have slow Internet connections. This is why we ensured that the shows adapt to the speed of your Internet automatically. You can also choose your settings within each show on the bottom right-hand side of the player window.

Can I watch any Inspiration TV show on your Video-on-Demand site?

Although we make every effort to license our content worldwide, occasionally we have restrictions that we cannot avoid. Also, licensing is just for a specific span of time. Let us know what program you want to see, and we will look into whether we can provide that program for you.

How do I get started with Video-on-Demand?

Create an account

• Click the SIGN UP TODAY button on our Home Page.

• Click the CHOOSE PLAN button.

• Provide your name and email address on the form.

• Set your Password.

• You can sign up via mobile or desktop.

• You have the option to make a donation of $40 per year or enter the discount code “FREE” in the discount code window. On your desktop, the payment information will be on the left-hand side and the Discount Code Window the right. Your mobile will have the Code Window front and center.

• Once discount code or payment is applied, click COMPLETE. Upon clicking the complete button, the system will acknowledge that your sign-in process is finished and will take you back to the video catalog within 5 seconds.

How do I sign in to Video-on-Demand (VOD)? I am having trouble logging in to watch a VOD.

• From the https://ini.tv website, simply click on WATCH, and then choose Video-On-Demand.

• If you do not have your FREE account, get yours today.

• At the Video-on-Demand page, you will see a SIGN-IN link at the top right of the screen.

REMEMBER to Bookmark the page to return directly to Video-on-Demand!

How do I make changes to my Video-on-Demand account?

• Go to the Video-on-Demand page (as described above).

• Sign in and click the MY ACCOUNT link at the top of screen.

• If you have forgotten your sign-in information, follow the prompts.

• Once in, you have the option to:

• Update name and email address

• Change your password

• Add or update payment method

• Save a card on file

How do I cancel my Video-on-Demand account?

To cancel membership, access the MY ACCOUNT area. Go to billing and select CHANGE PLAN. On the bottom, right corner is a button that says Cancel Membership

Can I set parental controls within Video-on-Demand?

The Video-on-Demand page allows you to sort the content by TV Ratings and by category.

Do you offer other languages?

We are working on this. Please let us know your preferences at emailus@ini.tv.

Can I download shows?

Not at the present time.

Can I watch Video-on-Demand on my Roku, Fire TV Stick, or Apple TV device?

You can currently watch Live TV on these devices. VOD will be available on them in the near future.

Will you be adding more movies and shows, or is this it?

New shows are added weekly.

How can I get updates about new shows and movies coming to Video-on-Demand?

We would love to make your inbox a lot more entertaining. Sign up for our weekly newsletter, and never miss shows and specials again. Sign up here for our newsletter.

I am unable to get a video to play. How do I get help?

Email us at partnerservices@inspiration.org.

I saw a show yesterday, but it is gone now. Is it gone for good?

We obtain shows through a licensing agreement that specifies the amount of time we can air the show. Once the license agreement expires, the show is no longer available. If you want to see a particular show, send your inquiry to emailus@ini.tv and we will see if we can license that show for you.

Inspiration TV

What is Inspiration TV?

Inspiration TV is global Christian television network that offers daily broadcasts and video-on-demand. We provide Christ-centered entertainment designed to strengthen your walk with Christ!

How long has Inspiration TV existed?

As a TV network, Inspiration TV celebrates 15 years of worldwide broadcasting on January 1, 2020! We are an outreach of Inspiration Ministries, which celebrates 30 years of ministry in 2020.

What kind of programs do you offer?

Inspiration TV is committed to quality and has Christ-centered programs for the whole family. We provide award-winning movies, insightful documentaries, children’s programming, and Bible-based teachings from around the world. At a time when it is hard to find good, safe programming, Inspiration TV is an oasis for people seeking to grow in their relationship with Christ.

How do I find TV shows?

Visit https://ini.tv/schedule or you can go to https://watch.ini.tv.

How can I get updates about new shows and movies coming to Inspiration TV?

Your inbox is about to get a lot more entertaining. Sign up for our weekly and never miss shows and specials again.

Click here to sign up for our newsletter

Where do I find Inspiration TV on my television?

You can currently watch Live TV on ROKU, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Apple TV devices. VOD will be available on the same devices in the near future.

Partner With Us

Where do donations go?

All donations received by Inspiration Ministries are used for our mission of impacting people worldwide for Christ through media. Our many media outreaches use digital, print, and Inspiration TV, our international Christian television network, to focus on leading people into a relationship with Christ and then providing ongoing discipleship through programs, articles, and videos equipping readers and viewers with Biblical knowledge and insights to help them walk in victory through Christ Jesus. With the help of our partners, millions of people from around the world accept Jesus Christ as their Savior every year. We provide new believers and people searching to grow in their relationship with Christ, an oasis. Inspiration TV’s programs and our digital outreaches also make it possible for underground churches in other countries to watch Gospel messages in safety.

Can I donate to help Inspiration Ministries keep this service FREE?

We value the partnership of those who value this ministry. Your contributions to Inspiration Ministry send life-changing messages around the world.

To join with us, you may choose any of the following:

• Simply click the GIVE NOW button at the top of the page

• Email us at partnerservices@inspiration.org

• Call our Partner Services:

US / CAN / CAR: +1 (803) 578-1899

UK / Intl: +44 (0) 84 5683 0580

Spanish: +1 (803) 578-1753

Are my donations tax deductible?

Inspiration Ministries is a 501©3 non-profit. In the United States, donations to our ministry are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt. UK donors, please click the “Gift Aid” option in our GIVE NOW tab to maximize the impact of your donation.

I have a show that I’d love to add to this platform. How can I become a content provider?

Visit https://ini.tv/sales for more information.